Forgotten what the Spy Duck does, or what happens if the Sheriff shoots a Goose?

Where is the Chandelier sabotage unlocked on Mallard Manor?

How do I free people from the Pelican?

These answers and many more inside**

** Some information coming in future updates.

App is a work in progress, some features are incomplete or missing entirely. Most information is accurate, but there may be minor discrepancies between when the information was added and the latest update.

Web Version may be more updated than other versions


Download 135 MB
Download 129 MB
com.ggd.mentor-Android.apk 145 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run "GGDMentor.exe"

Non 64-bit PCs should run "GGDMentor-32.exe"

Linux users should extract the files and run

ggd.mentor-Android.apk is for Android devices and will need to be Side-loaded. Alternatively, use Google Play to download for Android.

iOS will potentially be supported in the future. This will be dependent on licensing fees.

The mac OS version is untested due to the developer not owning any mac devices.

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